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Are you ready with MiraQle for 2021?

MiraQle(MQL) will grow up with key personnel in the upcoming 2021

Jang Min CTO (Former CEO of Chaintob), Lim Baek-woon Advisor (Chairman of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association)
Jang Min CTO (Former CEO of Chaintob), Lim Baek-woon Advisor (Chairman of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association)

MiraQle(MQL) which has the motto of creating a global music world centered on fans draws attentions with the blockchain technology of Techtainment. Finally, two key people join MiraQle team for further development.

Jang Min, former CEO of Chaintob,
Lim Baek-woon, chairman of the Korea Entertainment Producers Association

Jang Min CTO (Former CEO of Chaintob) led the expansion of business areas in various ways. For instance, he proactively responded to changes in the industry’s environment such as solution services, ICO consulting and building a blockchain ecosystem to help Chaintob settle in the blockchain industry.

Lim Baek-woon Advisor is currently the president of KEPA(Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association). He is leading the development of the pop culture and art industry, including protecting entertainment producers’ rights and the Korean pop culture industry and creating a fair business ecosystem. …


Blockchain’s three roles for the “New Normal.”

“The post-COVID-19 era will bring forward a new normal — one that will accelerate digital transformation in many areas.”
Liu Zhenmin, UN Under-Secretary-General and Head of UN DESA

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The New Normal which means a new standard or standard as the time changes is a fundamental phenomenon of low growth through the economic crisis in 2008 and the protracted economic slump. The most distinctive of the various New Normal is that the digital world is the standard.

As the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches, there are two worlds in the world we live in. One is the real world where we live on our feet and the other is the digital world based on IT technology. In the past, the digital world was a means to support and assist the real world. However, as times change, the digital world leads to works of the real world and it also makes impossible things possible in the digital world. The competition in the digital world has become more important now in this age as it connects to corporations or individuals in the real world. …

“ You keep your eyes on the prize, you try to do what’s right, and eventually, you’ll reach your goal.” — Eric Holder

The prize is clear evidence that is recognized for someone’s ability.

MiraQle(MQL)Token is trying to suggest a new paradigm and to evoke an innovation in the entertainment industry. The existing system that lacked communication between fans and artists changed into the new system, a Fan-centered and interactive community. And for the right fan voting culture, voting records using MiraQle(MQL)Token were transparently disclosed and managed with blockchain technology.

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CEO of Orange Entertainment and MiraQle(MQL)Token, Ross Lee was highly regarded when it comes to customized and optimized Blockchain Technology for the entertainment industry. …

Blockchain for business has many tough days in 2020. The cryptocurrency market and Blockchain companies’ situation has been filled with uncertainty through the influence of COVID-19 and related Blockchain laws that will take effect next year. There are voices that people are trying to turn attention to the Blockchain due to lowering expectations and difficulty of service and investment. However, as the blockchain market has gradually changed from individual to global financial companies since the second half of this year, many countries pay attention to the Blockchain. People are raising interest throughout the Blockchain as well. What it comes down to is, it was a revival opportunity for Blockchain for business in 2020. …

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SNS Popularity is Rising

Social Networking Site was created in 1994, allowing users to interact and share their interests and hobbies. In 2019, people spent on Social Networking 144 minutes per day and 11 new users increase every second.¹ In 2020, about 3.8 billion people use social media.² According to Statista, it estimates that there will be 4.41 billion users in 2025. This is how users are interacting these days. Namely, direct interaction is an accurate communication for this century and so it is in the entertainment world.

Interactive Communication with MQL

Fans always communicate with SNS and share about their favorite artists and wish to participate in every single event run by their artists. Nonetheless, they cannot entirely get involved in music plans or production. This makes it difficult for fans to hear what they want to hear. To solve this problem, the MQL team is creating projects for fans to share without worrying about having an insufficient final product. …

How Will Blockchain Change the World?

“Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.” — Abigail Johnson

People are looking forward to blockchain’s future and it is exciting since blockchain technology can lead to new opportunities and benefit businesses through transparent and enhanced security systems. The MiraQle project is also proceeding with this innovative blockchain technology since MQL promises safe interactions with their favorite artists by using “Techtainment platform.” What three ingenious changes will blockchain bring?

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1. Direct Transaction Between Provider and…

Many people have seen popular artists working for one of China’s greatest entertainment giant, the Tencent Music Entertainment (TME).

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7SIX9 Entertainment’s CEO Yun Ha Hwang and MiraQle (MQL) project participated in 1st Tencent’s Music Award 2019. In the event, 7SIX9 Entertainment, Tencent Music Entertainment, and MiraQle discussed to produce global collaboration albums together with top artists around the globe. 7SIX9 Entertainment has already produced a global collaboration album “Let’s Shut Up & Dance,” dedicated to Michael Jackson in 2019, proving their competitiveness on the world stage. …

The one and only MQL token that can be used in the Techtainment (Technology + Entertainmnet) Platform has been listed on GoPax as of November 26, 2020 15:00!

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Listed Date: Nov 26, 2020

Name: MiraQle Token

Symbol/Ticker: MQL

Announced listing pairs: MQL or KRW


Minimum Deposit: 20 MQL

There are two events that are running since Nov. 26, 2020:

Event #1

Period: Thursday, Nov. 26, 2020 15:00 to Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 18:00

Will be provided to the top 10 MQL/KRW traders with the amount traded

Payment will be made within two weeks after the end of the event.


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Though the phrase “do it yourself (DIY)” has been used since 1950s, the term was activated already since we cannot even remember when. Just as how Michael Novak quoted, “The man was born to create,” everyone wishes to customize things that they are interested in. For instance, YouTube platform was created to make users stream the videos that they all individually produced. Man was born to create, and man was born to share the creativity. …

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Ever wondered if you could participate in your favorite artist’s production? Many fans would have, and fans surely must have experienced difficulties interacting with their favorite musicians through the ordinary system that current music industries provide. The MQL Token (MiraQle) Project was created to solve this problem, to allow fans to interact with their favorite artists in a safest environment. The question is, how safe is it?

“Make fans the center of this global music world” -MiraQle Project

The MiraQle Project

The goal of the MiraQle Project is to create an entertainment industry standard currency for the global fans. The MQL project itself leads the innovation of the entertainment industry with blockchain technology. As we all know, blockchain technology makes all transactions and history transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.¹ This technology makes all fans to have safe interactions with their favorite artists. Since we all know, for instance, there were concerns with accusations that Korean’s Mnet audition program Produce X 101 had run a fraudulent vote count.² No more fraud cases can arise if the blockchain technology meets music. …


MQL (MiraQle) Token

MiraQle Token for Entertainment Consumption

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