Blockchain is the Future and Future Relies in MQL

How Will Blockchain Change the World?

“Blockchain technology isn’t just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself.” — Abigail Johnson

People are looking forward to blockchain’s future and it is exciting since blockchain technology can lead to new opportunities and benefit businesses through transparent and enhanced security systems. The MiraQle project is also proceeding with this innovative blockchain technology since MQL promises safe interactions with their favorite artists by using “Techtainment platform.” What three ingenious changes will blockchain bring?

1. Direct Transaction Between Provider and Consumer

The most significant merit of blockchain is that it does not need to go through the unnecessary meditation process. Because of its efficiency, many artists have already communicated directly with their fans with this blockchain. Musicians, writers, and illustrators using SNS are increasing in this multimedia field these days. The reason is because a series of blockchain platforms help artists make financial transactions with their fans directly with music, videos and other contents.¹

2. Simplified Contract Process

Various kinds of documents will gradually be unnecessary as they will be simplified in this blockchain world. If blockchain technology is introduced nation-wise, the procedures such as identification and transaction would be more convenient since people do not need to worry about data forgeries. Meaning all contracts by artists can be transparent and so they can be relieved throughout the process of their production.

3. Performance and Publishing Rights

With blockchain technology, performance and publishing rights can all be tracked, which means all musicians’ records can be stored in a trusted system. Nothing can be manipulated or distorted which allows artists to create their music contents in a safe environment. The procedures are visible and manageable with blockchain technology. Just how there was an issue with the U.S. presidential election, many experts have mentioned that blockchain can help for a far more reliable voting result. As Chamber of Digital Commerce quotes, “Welcome to blockchain: the 21st century way of voting.”² This is the reason why the MQL team is relying on blockchain technology for a more upgraded entertainment platform. As you all readers have already read, they call this the “Techtainmnet Platform.”

MiraQle Token for Entertainment Consumption

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