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“Do It Yourself” Becomes “Produce It Yourself” With MQL

Though the phrase “do it yourself (DIY)” has been used since 1950s, the term was activated already since we cannot even remember when. Just as how Michael Novak quoted, “The man was born to create,” everyone wishes to customize things that they are interested in. For instance, YouTube platform was created to make users stream the videos that they all individually produced. Man was born to create, and man was born to share the creativity. Nevertheless, since it is very difficult to produce music without actually being the artist and is also difficult to create collaboration albums with the artists that fans must have desired to listen together, the MiraQle project was created to quench the thirst of all global music fans as they all can have the opportunity to become actual producers for their favorite artists.

The procedures are rather simple. You first need to possess the MQL (MiraQle token). Since MQL is listed on Bitforex, you can create a Bitforex account according to the video instructions uploaded on MiraQle’s official YouTube website. Then, you can use MQL to participate in the actual voting system called FanPICK, which works with the blockchain technology. One vote can be made with 1MQL (1 MiraQle Token), and there is no limit for how many times each person can vote.

The good news is, you can receive MQL Token if you join the membership. After selecting the artists, you can then select the genre and the concept. There is no limit for selecting how many projects you wish to create. Rank competition begins after the project list is created. For this vote, you can only vote less than 10 times, meaning, using less than 10 MQls. After ten top projects are formed into a final list, the project is picked with the final result. To make the final result more professional, the A&R professional judges’ vote is also reflected.

You can refer to Michael Jackson’s Tribute album by 7SIX9 Entertainment which was released on Nov 20, 2018, Let’s Shut Up & Dance. Global collaboration albums like this can be released with your participation. You can all become producers with MQL and we do not mean lame projects but projects with top global artists that you have always dreamed of producing with. The album that you have produced can be streamed all around the world and you can even create your own playlist with music that you have participated and supported.


MiraQle Token for Entertainment Consumption

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