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“MiraQle (MQL)” Creates “Miracle”

Ever wondered if you could participate in your favorite artist’s production? Many fans would have, and fans surely must have experienced difficulties interacting with their favorite musicians through the ordinary system that current music industries provide. The MQL Token (MiraQle) Project was created to solve this problem, to allow fans to interact with their favorite artists in a safest environment. The question is, how safe is it?

The MiraQle Project

The goal of the MiraQle Project is to create an entertainment industry standard currency for the global fans. The MQL project itself leads the innovation of the entertainment industry with blockchain technology. As we all know, blockchain technology makes all transactions and history transparent through the use of decentralization and cryptographic hashing.¹ This technology makes all fans to have safe interactions with their favorite artists. Since we all know, for instance, there were concerns with accusations that Korean’s Mnet audition program Produce X 101 had run a fraudulent vote count.² No more fraud cases can arise if the blockchain technology meets music. Wouldn’t this even make fans to participate more actively in this project?

Techtainment Platform

The entertainment and blockchain technology experts participating in this MQL Token project are running it together to present a new platform for all global music fans. They call this a “Techtainment (Technology + Entertainment) platform.” This Techtainment platform is maintained with MiraQle token, abbreviated as “MQL.” It is a phased platform with steps of planning, producing, distributing, and consuming. No distortions, manipulation will be allowed as along as the platform is all well set.

The COVID-19 has been interrupting real-time offline concerts for all musicians and many musicians and fans were concerned that music industry’s revenues would decrease with this virus. Despite of this, the music industry is still growing continuously on an annual basis. According to IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) Global Music Report 2020, the music revenues have risen for fifth straight year to $20 billion.⁴ This means, focusing your consumption on music projects will be totally beneficial.

Music Industry will Continue to Rise

If we are all maintaining our lives, music will never stop and so will the music industry continue to grow stronger. The MQL can be used for planning out global collaboration music productions such as concerts and albums. More to this, MQL Token will be spent for purchasing items on online shopping website called EnterPLUS, and all items will be sold as limited edition. If all global musicians are facing the biggest crisis since the 1920s,⁵ MQL can actually help them to maintain their occupation with endless music projects. Since BitForex launched MiraQle (MQL) Token on August 28, 2020, so anyone who wants to purchase it can go ahead and fetch some tokens there.

Even special rewards will be given for MQL holders according to the incentive polices that will be announced on the official MQL’s website .All fans and people, let us look forward to the MiraQle’s project that will be fully launched very soon by 2020.


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MiraQle Token for Entertainment Consumption

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