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MQL (MiraQle)Token Participated TME Music Award 2019

Many people have seen popular artists working for one of China’s greatest entertainment giant, the Tencent Music Entertainment (TME).

MQL Token Project is proceeded with China’s Tencent and 7SIX9 Entertainment

7SIX9 Entertainment’s CEO Yun Ha Hwang and MiraQle (MQL) project participated in 1st Tencent’s Music Award 2019. In the event, 7SIX9 Entertainment, Tencent Music Entertainment, and MiraQle discussed to produce global collaboration albums together with top artists around the globe. 7SIX9 Entertainment has already produced a global collaboration album “Let’s Shut Up & Dance,” dedicated to Michael Jackson in 2019, proving their competitiveness on the world stage. Top artists Jason Derulo(US), Lay Zhang(China), and NCT 127(Korea) featured in the album and realized late Michael Jackson’s life long dream of creating a world in unity through music.

Michael Jackson’s Tribute Album 2019

With this album as the foundation of global collaboration, MiraQle’s DREAM X project will continuously release collaboration albums in which global fans can all participate in production process using MQL tokens. The vision of MiraQle to empower all fans and artists to participate in the album production will allow users to be part of the album by voting with MQL. Blockchain technology embedded at the heart of MQL ecosystem promises users safe and trustworthy transactions within the platform. MQL token is certainly the coin to look into with China’s top leading Tencent Music Entertainment and 7SIX9 Entertainment’s alliance with the MiraQle project. The surging expectation for the MQL token is already gaining much momentum in the Korean crypto exchange GOPAX, marking itself 2nd(at the point of publishing this article) on the most purchased tokens chart. As the MQL purchase run continues, this coin is definitely the one to keep an eye on and is likely to be the next big hit in the market.

Refer to the chart below:

MQL is one of the top traded cryptocurrency on GOPAX Korean exchange market

MQL only has been listed on GOPAX for approximately six days (since November 26, 2020), not even a full week and MiraQle token is leading its way to the top. Many celebrities and even people working in the music industry are purchasing MQL tokens showing their confidence in the project. Let us keep our eyes on this MQL token so we can revolutionize the entertainment industry with this Techtainment (Technology + Entertainment) platform, giving joy to this world by thawing people’s hearts and minds on this cold winter season. Go MQL token!


MiraQle Token for Entertainment Consumption

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