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SNS w/ MQL Token

SNS Popularity is Rising

Social Networking Site was created in 1994, allowing users to interact and share their interests and hobbies. In 2019, people spent on Social Networking 144 minutes per day and 11 new users increase every second.¹ In 2020, about 3.8 billion people use social media.² According to Statista, it estimates that there will be 4.41 billion users in 2025. This is how users are interacting these days. Namely, direct interaction is an accurate communication for this century and so it is in the entertainment world.

Interactive Communication with MQL

Fans always communicate with SNS and share about their favorite artists and wish to participate in every single event run by their artists. Nonetheless, they cannot entirely get involved in music plans or production. This makes it difficult for fans to hear what they want to hear. To solve this problem, the MQL team is creating projects for fans to share without worrying about having an insufficient final product.

MQL Legitimacy

The MiraQle project allows fans to participate in plan and production and even allows them to decide the music genre for their favorite artists. Using MQL token they can create a legitimate field for all users to equally participate and vote and get a pure result. With that pure result, artists can also receive more popularity and create noteworthy music albums. Since MQL token is based on blockchain technology, no one can hinder during this process.




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MiraQle Token for Entertainment Consumption

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